Nurse Recruitment Solutions

International Nurses Solve Healthcare Facilities’ Staffing Challenges

At Global Nurse Force, we offer our clients the clear benefits of a direct-hire international nurse recruitment solution.

Our approach provides clients with quality nurses from around the world and significant cost savings.

Our team of professionals will help you to find the nurses you need and to plan ahead for their arrival at your facility, ensuring a smooth transition for all parties.

Whether you have an immediate need for nursing professionals, or you’re projecting a need in the future, we’re ready to serve you.

What we offer

Highly Qualified International Nurses

Our highly skilled English-speaking nurses arrive at your facility ready to work and with the support they need to ensure long term success.


Permanent Employees

Our international nurses provide first rate care and can help your facility overcome its most critical nurse staffing challenges


Simple Process

Contact us with your specific requirements and our experienced team will manage all aspects of the end to end recruitment process


Cost Effective

Our international nurse recruitment solutions are extremely cost effective compared to traditional recruitment and staffing options.



  1. Many countries including USA, UK, Ireland, Australia & Canada are facing a shortage of nursing professionals. There are simply more positions than there are qualified nurses to fill them.
  2. With aging populations and the rise in chronic diseases, health systems everywhere are under strain.
  3. Healthcare facilities have been turning to international nurses for decades. International nurses do not take jobs away from domestic nurses; they simply supplement your current staff and provide care and comfort to your patients.
  1. International nurse recruitment solves the nursing supply and demand issues that exist domestically.
  2. Permanent, international nurses can provide stability to your nursing workforce that results in greater continuity of care, optimal patient outcomes and higher levels of patient satisfaction.
  3. International nurses can also reduce your facility’s dependence on expensive contingent staff.

Global Nurse Force manages the immigration process for all the nurses you hire. All applicants arrive at your facility with proper work visas and necessary immigration documents.

Global Nurse Force works closely with clients to coordinate the arrival of their international nurses.

We arrange flights, airport pickup, temporary housing, transportation, setting up a bank accounts and other essential tasks.

We make sure every nurse settles in successfully into their new job and community

With over 20 years of international nurse recruitment experience, we have successfully delivered thousands of nurses to clients in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and USA.

Recruiting with Global Nurse Force poses no financial risk since you don’t pay us anything until your nurses start working.

If your facility is considering international recruitment, you will come across two very different models:

Direct Hire

Once the international nurse arrives at your facility, he/she becomes your permanent employee and receives the same salary and benefits as your regular nursing staff.

Contract Hire

The international nurse is employed by a staffing agency that contracts their services to your facility. Agencies usually charge hefty fees which can increase your staffing expenditure substantially.

At Global Nurse Force, we believe your nurse staffing crisis can be solved by placing permanent, international nurses at your facility. We believe these direct-hire nurses can deliver more consistent quality of care for your patients and reduce your overall spend on recruitment.

We provide a turnkey recruiting solution for healthcare facilities, starting with the sourcing and screening of international nurses from India and around the world, facilitation of the hiring process, management of immigration paperwork, candidate credentialing, licensure and coordination of the relocation process. We provide these services for a flat fee per applicant.

Global Nurse Force works with each candidate to ensure they have completed their English language, credentialing and licensure requirements for the country/state of intended employment.

Global Nurse Force follows the World Health Organization and International Council of Nurses guidelines for ethical nurse recruitment and never charges any placement or processing fees to nurses in relation to gaining employment overseas.

Global Nurse Force has placed thousands of English-speaking nurses with healthcare facilities throughout the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada & Australia.

We are licensed by Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India and have a steady pipeline of highly skilled nurses looking to live and work overseas.

Each of our nurses is carefully pre-screened, fluent in English, has excellent references, outstanding clinical skills and is flexible and adaptable.