COVID-19 and pandemic preparedness

Work together to boost the resilience of global medical supply chains to ensure critical supplies of medicines, vaccines, logistics, diagnostics and other medical products reach those who need them. Jointly commit to the multilateral effort, including through the COVAX facility, to support equitable vaccine access for developing countries.

Develop the India-UK partnership on Vaccines, Therapeutics and Diagnostics and expand the UK-India Vaccines Hub to develop distribution policy, clinical trials, regulation, research and innovation related to Covid-19, helping guarantee equitable global supply by April 2022.

Build on the excellent cooperation on the AstraZeneca/Oxford University Vaccine with India’s Serum Institute and explore manufacturing deals beyond Covid19 to tackle other infectious diseases and bring co-developed technologies to market.

Work together on health security and future pandemic preparedness including through an India-UK Zoonotic Research Twinning Initiative to better understand, monitor and mitigate against future pandemics.

Jointly work to bring the urgent reforms needed in WHO so that it is better equipped and accountable in responding to pandemic threats.

Facilitate collaborative research on emerging diseases.

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