1.1 Enhance high level & ministerial contacts to further improve bilateral institutional mechanisms (such as the Economic and Financial Dialogue led by India’s Finance Minister and the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Joint Economic and Trade Committee led by India’s CIM and the UK Secretary of State for International Trade, and the Strategic Dialogue between Defence Ministers)for an in-depth exchange of views on bilateral, regional and global issues with focus on the Commonwealth countries in Africa, CARICOM and Pacific Island States.

1.2 Ensure effective high-level cooperation through biennial India-UK Summits (agreed at PM level in 2015), ministerial meetings and regular high-level exchanges.

1.3 Strengthen cooperation and coordination in the UN, including at the UNSC and UNFCCC, and other multilateral fora such as G-20, WTO (in the run up to the twelfth WTO Ministerial Conference in November 2021), WHO, Commonwealth, IMF and World Bank etc., while preserving their core principles. Promote and uphold a rules-based international system and work together to promote reformed multilateralism to make international organizations, including the UN Security Council, more representative, reflecting contemporary realities, and more effective in addressing current global challenges through regular contacts and exchange of views between MEA and FCDO and between our delegations in New York and Geneva.

1.4 Promote and facilitate regular exchanges between our parliamentarians, judges, executive agencies and public bodies to foster deeper mutual understanding and strengthen our democratic and institutional partnership.

1.5 Promote Track 1.5 and Track 2 Dialogues between our think tanks and academic institutions on various aspects of our strategic relations.

1.6 Enhance India-UK engagement within the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) framework as UK is a Dialogue Partner in IORA.

1.7 Enhance convergences and work together on the broader Indo-Pacific Agenda to maintain peace, stability, safety and security in the Indo-Pacific region, and explore the potential for cooperation under the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative (IPOI).

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