Regional and multilateral cooperation

Explore opportunities for mobilising regional and global climate action including through the CDRI, the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and emerging initiatives including One Sun One World One Grid and the World Solar Bank, and maximizing the opportunities afforded by the UK’s Presidency of COP26 at Glasgow 2021 including the COP26 Energy Transition Council and ZEVs Transition Council and India’s Presidency of the G20 in 2023 to drive climate action over the next ten years.

As co-chairs of the CDRI, support the creation of a new multi-country Technical Assistance Facility and Fund (TAFF) to support Small Island Developing States (SIDS) to develop more resilient infrastructure. The facility would provide technical assistance to SIDS to help them plan for systemic resilience, to prepare projects fit to attract finance from public, private and multilateral actors and to evolve advanced operation and maintenance standards and systems to enhance long-term resilience.

Strengthen partnership on climate finance for mobilising major new investment in clean energy and low-cost climate appropriate technologies including to de-risking of investments in mutually identified sectors of economy for clean and resilient development.

Play supportive roles in the UNFCCC to ensure global coherence in driving down emissions, working together to seek global agreements on critical issues in accordance with national circumstances and sustainable development priorities.

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