The opportunity

Both India and the UK are vibrant democracies and leading economies of the world with impressive advances and capabilities in human resources, manufacturing, innovation, science, education, research, fintech, space, defence, emerging and green technologies, clean energy among others. Both are suitably placed to bring their respective strengths to address global challenges with regard to climate, security, terrorism and pandemics and believe that democratic norms and principles are the mainstay for maintaining a rules based international system and respect for universal human rights.

Through this ambitious Roadmap, we will elevate the India-UK relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP). The Roadmap will guide cooperation for the next ten years covering all aspects of our multi-faceted relations. We will have an annual Strategic Review meeting at the Foreign Minister level to monitor the implementation of the Roadmap, if required update it and report back on the progress to our Prime Ministers.

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