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  • 1.3 Billion Population -Young productive Population

  • 500 Million Internet users || 41.6% Internet penetration – Easy to reach and influence

  • #1 IT / BPM services sourcing market

  • 25,000+ Startups registered with Startup India creating something new

  • 31 Unicorn Startups with over $75 Billion valuation moving at a fast pace

United Kingdom

  • Unparalleled management experience  

  • Amongst the top 5 ranked countries on the Global Innovation Index 

  • UK Tech sector is growing 2.6x faster than the wider UK economy  

  • Total venture capital investment in UK tech in 2018 topped £ 6 Bn, more than any other European country 

  • Centrally located in the world map

The UK-India Startup Launchpad is an initiative to foster deeper collaboration between two leading start-up ecosystems – the UK and India. The Launchpad will bring together resources, connect participants and encourage start-ups in both the countries to innovate, find solutions to some of the most pressing development challenges and explore expansion opportunities – thus being a global force for good and driving mutual growth and prosperity.


The Indo UK Collaboration offers efficiency consultancy for both UK companies and Indian companies to have foot print and growth in the other country. 

We know both countries well so we look at the opportunities, trends and  implications with full context and informed analysis. Using our knowledge, experience and contacts, we help businesses understand the trend, and future shape of their market entry. They can make informed decisions about exporting, investing in or growing in India. Request your one-to-one with our expert  consultants. 


Depending on your need and the opportunity, you probably need to design a strategy that will provide you with a maximum return on investment. Your strategy may require the set-up of an Indian legal entity. Choices to be made are not comparable to other markets, and advice varies. UK India Business Council provide a free consultation service and provide the transparency, clarity and understanding of your requirement. From our end to end full business set-up service to a bespoke solution, there is no safer way to incorporate. Our experts deal with it day in and out so you will find your hardest task done for you efficiently.


Networking gives the business people, researchers as well as cultural groups the opportunity to meet and collaborate for mutual benefit. We hold several group-specific events for people to meet as well as 1:1 connections so that our members take advantage of discussions that are mutually encouraging and beneficial.

We also have a professional social platform where people get access to expert advice, guidance, and support on various topics of their choice. We actively promote and organise networking events across the UK and India on current topics.


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Accelerating UK-India investment

The UK and India are two of the world’s most vibrant and dynamic economies. Although individually, each presents major opportunities for trade and investment. However if you combine them, they’re unbeatable—as underlined by their strong bilateral flows of trade and investment.

We know that behind the numbers, what really makes the UK-India combination so powerful is the ‘living bridge’ that links the two countries, underpinned by their people’s shared history, culture and democratic values. It’s these common attributes—together with complementary skills and capabilities—that make UK and Indian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors such a natural fit.

Its golden opportunity as the UK leaves the EU, and India has massive opportunity to fulfil its massive potential. The opportunities for UK-India business collaboration are growing at astronomic phase. We are looking at the immense world power, UK being centrally placed physically and economically to boost the potential and India with its young generation and fast growth impressing the world. It has been happening for years and it’s continuing to accelerate today for companies from both countries, as those with existing operations in the other seek out new opportunities, and new entrants take their first steps.

It’s even more important in the post-pandemic world. Whether they have been doing business bilaterally for years or are just starting out, we are applying our wealth of experience in the UK and India to help our clients identify and seize the right opportunities. We can help you too. Do not hesitate to call us. 

Money Growth

if the money supply grows at a faster rate than the economy's ability to produce goods and services, then inflation will result. Also, a money supply that does not grow fast enough can lead to decreases in production, leading to increases in unemployment.

Industrial Loan

A commercial and industrial (C&I) loan is a loan made to a business or corporation. Commercial and industrial loans provide companies with funds that can be used for various purposes, including working capital or to finance capital expenditures such as purchasing machinery.

Stock Exchange

A stock exchange facilitates stock brokers to trade company stocks and other securities. A stock may be bought or sold only if it is listed on an exchange. Thus, it is the meeting place of the stock buyers and sellers. India's premier stock exchanges are the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

Vision for the future - start now

2030 Vision

India and the UK are committed to a partnership that delivers for both countries. Our 2030 vision is for revitalised and dynamic connections between our people; re-energised trade, investment and technological collaboration that improves the lives and livelihoods of our citizens; enhanced defence and security cooperation that brings a more secure Indian Ocean Region and Indo-Pacific and India-UK leadership in climate, clean energy and health that acts as a global force for good.

We believe in perfection & creativity.

Working with our stakeholders we ensure business interests are conveyed to both Uk and India’s legislators through reports, white papers, and facilitated interactions between businesses, politicians, and policy makers.

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Through this ambitious Roadmap, we will elevate the India-UK relationship to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership (CSP). The Roadmap will guide cooperation for the next ten years covering all aspects of our multi-faceted relations. We will have an annual Strategic Review meeting at the Foreign Minister level to monitor the implementation of the Roadmap, if required update it and report back on the progress to our Prime Ministers.

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The opportunity

Both India and the UK are vibrant democracies and leading economies of the world with impressive advances and capabilities in human resources, manufacturing, innovation, science, education, research, fintech, space, defence, emerging and green technologies, clean energy among others. Both are suitably placed to bring their respective strengths to address global challenges with regard to climate, security, terrorism and pandemics and believe that democratic norms and principles are the mainstay for maintaining a rules based international system and respect for universal human rights.

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Connecting our countries and people

As two modern, open and democratic societies, we will strengthen the bonds between our countries. The India-UK relationship has at its heart shared history, values and culture, with the strong understanding of each other that it brings. This has created a highly educated, and economically dynamic living bridge, with 1.6m Britons of Indian origin. This inherent strength means our relationship is already broad, with cooperation everywhere from agriculture to space, but we believe it has great potential to grow further. We will upgrade institutional mechanisms that will enable us to set and achieve ambitious goals in all areas of cooperation and strengthen avenues for people to people connect in education, research and innovation, capacity building, employment and culture.

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Policies and Politics

Enhance high level & ministerial contacts to further improve bilateral institutional mechanisms (such as the Economic and Financial Dialogue led by India’s Finance Minister and the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Joint Economic and Trade Committee led by India’s CIM and the UK Secretary of State for International Trade, and the Strategic Dialogue between Defence Ministers)for an in-depth exchange of views on bilateral, regional and global issues with focus on the Commonwealth countries in Africa, CARICOM and Pacific Island States. Ensure effective high-level cooperation through biennial India-UK Summits (agreed at PM level in 2015), ministerial meetings and regular high-level exchanges. Strengthen cooperation and coordination in the UN, including at the UNSC and UNFCCC, and other multilateral fora such as G-20, WTO (in the run up to the twelfth WTO Ministerial Conference in November 2021), WHO, Commonwealth, IMF and World Bank etc., while preserving their core principles. Promote and uphold a rules-based international system and work together to promote reformed multilateralism to make international organizations, including the UN Security Council, more representative, reflecting contemporary realities, and more effective in addressing current global challenges through regular contacts and exchange of views between MEA and FCDO and between our delegations in New York and Geneva. Promote and facilitate regular exchanges between our parliamentarians, judges, executive agencies and public bodies to foster deeper mutual understanding and strengthen our democratic and institutional partnership. Promote Track 1.5 and Track 2 Dialogues between our think tanks and academic institutions on various aspects of our strategic relations. Enhance India-UK engagement within the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA) framework as UK is a Dialogue Partner in IORA. Enhance convergences and work together on the broader Indo-Pacific Agenda to maintain peace, stability, safety and security in the Indo-Pacific region, and explore the potential for cooperation under the Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative (IPOI).

Indo uk migration insta

Migration and mobility

Implement the comprehensive Migration and Mobility Partnership covering movement of students and professionals as well as irregular migration keeping in view the UK’s new skills based immigration policy no later than April 2022. The UK commits to a joint dialogue with India, including relevant stakeholder participation, for mutual exchanges and sharing of information concerning the possibility of signing a Social Security Agreement. Engage further on the issue of signing a diplomatic visa waiver arrangement/MOU to facilitate official exchanges. Enhance cooperation under the bilateral Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties to facilitate speedy conclusion of extradition requests from both sides

higher education insta

Education, innovation and enterprise

Education collaboration between the two countries has strengthened a lot more recently in 2022. British universities and a leading network of Indian students and professionals have hailed the "landmark" agreement between the UK and India to mutually recognise each other's higher education qualifications, calling it a long-awaited achievement in bilateral ties that will enable significantly smoother movement of students between the two countries. The memorandum of understanding (MoU), signed on Thursday as part of the UK-India Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP) agreed by Prime Ministers Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi last year, means UK A-levels and their equivalents, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees will now be recognised in India. It will allow Indian students who graduate from British universities to apply for postgraduate qualifications, or embark on government careers that require university qualifications, when they return home. This is a landmark, historic agreement which has been many years in the making. Qualifications students receive will be recognised on both sides, making it easier for students to progress in education and move into jobs, said Vivienne Stern, Chief Executive, Universities UK International (UUKi), which represents over 140 UK universities. The recognition of UK Masters' is a particularly important development. It means that Indian graduates of the UK's outstanding universities will receive formal recognition of their outstanding achievements and full access to jobs in the public sector in India. The entrepreneurship is also being promoted through various means including scholarship.
According to the UK Department for International Trade (DIT), trade between the UK and India is worth over 24 billion pounds, and the investment relationship supports over half a million jobs. It said the government has secured new access under the ETP to India's market which businesses estimate will unlock approximately 92 million pounds of additional UK exports every year in spirits, oats, pork products, and more.


Consular cooperation

Strengthen the India-UK Consular Dialogue to promote closer cooperation in consular matters and to resolve long-running or complex consular cases, develop working-level arrangements to promote safe travel for the millions of Indian and British nationals who travel between our two countries each year, ensuring they are able to access first class consular services when required. Establish a working mechanism on cooperation in consular crises, including consular crises in third countries and on best practice for crisis preparedness and crisis management.

Indian investment in the UK firming up

India investing in the UK

During 2021-2022, the number of Indian-owned businesses in the UK grew, along with the number of people they employ. This reflects the increasing appetite for Indian businesses to invest in and set up greenfield operations in the UK despite Brexit and COVID-19 challenges.

Against the backdrop of pandemic-related disruption, India remained a leading source of foreign direct investment into the UK during 2020-21, accounting for 99 FDI projects, second only to the United States in terms of project numbers.

Throughout the year, the two countries continued to develop their trading relationship. In May 2021, Boris Johnson and Prime Minister Modi announced an Enhanced Trade Partnership (ETP) and confirmed new UK-India trade and investment worth £1 billion. This included £533 million of new Indian investment into the UK, which is expected to create more than 6,000 jobs.

The strengthening ties between the two countries were also marked by the opening of several new visa routes for Indian students, highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs. More schemes are expected to follow.

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Research collaboration

Higher caliber research institutes are developing in India to create a huge potential to conduct research at a lower cost 

We work with PIOCCI to maximise your business benefits.

Opportunity for Nurses & Doctors

A deal has been signed between India and the UK  in July 2022 implementing the ETP, including commitments to create a taskforce to provide opportunities for Indian nurses and nursing associates seeking to train and work in the UKs National Health Service (NHS) and to renew a commitment for mutual recognition of the Seafarers’ Certificate of Competency.

All overseas applicants need to pass their CBT and comply with all other initial requirements of the NMC overseas nursing process (including the language capability requirements) and sit the OSCE and complete their registration. NMC guidance is available on how an overseas applicant can meet the required level of English language capability.