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We offer funding and support across all academic disciplines and industrial areas from the medical and biological sciences to astronomy, physics, chemistry and engineering, social sciences, economics, environmental sciences, and the arts and humanities.

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We help arrange a variety of sources of funding for your project or business.  Our account manager will sit with you to know your needs and then tap various resources internally from people who have registered with us to invest as well as externally.  

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We can help you to explore all routes of funding including Venture capitalists, angel investors, strategic partners, and crowdfunding. 

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Get Funding from UK and India Resources

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Funding finder

Search current funding opportunities from across UKRI, research councils and Innovate UK

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Before you apply

Find information and guidance on preparing to apply for funding

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COVID-19 research funding

Find out about funding for research and innovation that addresses COVID-19 priority areas

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Our main funds

Get information about the key funding areas we’re offering research opportunities in, including ISCF and Future Leaders Fellowships

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COVID-19: guidance for applicants, students and award-holders

The pandemic means there have been changes to funding deadlines, extensions and support

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How we fund start ups

We do full assessment of the business and then get funders to invest in your business if it is worth.

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How we make decisions

Find information on how we do deep dive on the applications for funding

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How we improve your funding experience

We make connections to right resources. Find out how we’re improving your funding experience

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What People Say About Us

I had struggled to get funding for my start up, however I am grateful that you people have helped me to get right investors.
Nishi Asan
Creative Designs
Getting funding is always a challenge , however I got help not only to write right proposal but also how to pitch to the investors.
Anna Biasi
Garment Business Owner