Enhance collaboration to support the development of our Creative Economies to create wealth and secure livelihoods. Work together to better understand the value and impact of the formal and informal creative economy through research and policy dialogue for long-term impact on GDP.

Enhance cultural relations with support for collaboration, research and exchange in partnership with cultural innovators, creative organisations and heritage sectors to strengthen the creative economy.

Strengthen arts and culture capacity programmes and international showcasing opportunities which respond to digital innovation and entrepreneurship in, for example, India’s smart cities and creative sectors to enhance enterprise, exchange and expression in festivals, craft and design, and the heritage economy.

Deepen India-UK cooperation on approaches to the resilience and protection of cultural heritage assets from risks such as natural disasters; meet the aspirations of young India and the diaspora in the UK through mutual learning and creative exchange to enhance equalities, diversity and inclusion.

Implement ‘India-UK Together’ (‘SAATH-SAATH’ in Hindi), a joint cultural exchange programme between the two countries to celebrate India’s 75th anniversary of Independence this year. Work towards creating a vibrant arts and culture programme together in 2022 to strengthen artistic collaboration, skills and networks for the creative economies of both countries as part of UK and India’s Living Bridge.

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