Financial cooperation

Continue to strengthen cooperation under the Economic and Financial Dialogue, held on an annual basis, to realise the potential for increased financial services trade between our two countries.

Implement the new annual India-UK Financial Markets Dialogue to share expertise, experiences and deepen collaboration between our financial sectors by July 2021.

Deliver the new UK-India strategic collaboration to accelerate the development of GIFT City, promoting greater links between GIFT City and the UK financial services ecosystem.

Deepen cooperation on infrastructure through the new UK-India Partnership on Infrastructure Financing and Policy, to support India’s ambitious plans for delivering inclusive, resilient and sustainable infrastructure under the National Infrastructure Pipeline.

Engage actively under the new UK-India Sustainable Finance Forum to drive forward deeper cooperation between the UK and India on sustainable finance, for catalyzing private sector flows into sustainable sectors in India supported by the industry-led India-UK Sustainable Finance Working Group.

Strengthen the UK-India Fintech Dialogue to enhance collaboration on financial services, including facilitating faster flows of UK-India remittances. Building on the successful launch of RuPay cards in the UK, explore options for enhancing cross-border payments between the UK and India.

Drive forward private sector financial cooperation under the India-UK Financial Partnership, with a strong and renewed mandate.

Build on the UK-India Development Capital Partnerships and strengthen two-way investments between UK and India, with the goal of investing into Indian start-ups, early-stage and green businesses and other innovative ventures and contributing towards sustainable development and the achievement of Global Goals by 2030. Boost entrepreneurial connections and exchanges to promote and strengthen closer cooperation, investment, mentorship and diaspora connects and sharing best practices.

Continue to encourage the UK’s Development Finance Institution the CDC Group to work with India’s private sector in the sectors most important for inclusive and sustainable economic growth. This includes an emphasis on women’s role as leaders, employees, entrepreneurs, suppliers and customers.

Take forward our joint investment in the new UK-India Global Innovation Partnership.

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