India/UK partnerships

Strengthen the India-UK partnership on climate change, delivering a substantial contribution to reduced emissions and improved resilience in the context of strong climate action required in the current decade to reach the goals of the UNFCCC and the Paris Agreement.

Strengthen bilateral dialogues and partnership on climate change, including the Ministerial Energy Dialogue, and Joint Working Groups on Climate, Power and Renewables.

Collaborate to strengthen climate discourse and decision making in line with the principles of the UNFCCC including its Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement.

Take forward collaboration and share best practice and low-cost climate appropriate technologies in areas including: clean energy, clean transport & e-mobility, sustainable finance, green businesses, industrial decarbonisation, protecting nature and biodiversity, and adaptation and resilience. We will work with businesses on all of the above priorities to minimize their carbon emissions while generating sustainable inclusive green jobs and growth by switching to renewables, new tech, electric mobility, improved efficiency.

Build on the India-UK partnership between the Green Growth Equity Fund and National Investment and Infrastructure Fund to mobilise institutional investments in the targeted renewable energy, waste management, electric mobility and environment sub-sectors, building markets and investment opportunities including through the City of London. Enable greater partnership with India’s private sector (including the banking and institutional sector) in shaping and raising global ambitions on climate and green finance.

Deepen the India-UK Partnership on Green Hydrogen – including through promoting knowledge exchange, policy and regulation cooperation, research and innovation.

Take forward collaboration through the UK-India Sustainable Finance Forum, supported by the India-UK Sustainable Finance Working Group and explore the possibility of partnership with the Climate Finance Leadership Initiative (CFLI).

Strengthen collaboration on the India Energy Security Scenarios Calculator to support energy policy and planning.

Encourage Track II dialogues on climate-related themes including the India-UK Track II Dialogue on Climate and Energy.

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